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5 reasons why a Health and Safety Review should top of your Checklist

Health and Safety Review

All organisations in the UK are required by law to have access to competent health and safety advice. Those with 5 or more employees to have a written health and safety policy and documented risk assessments. Maintaining the workplace and any equipment so that it is safe and works efficiently is a vital part of being an employer. You must put right any dangerous defects immediately or take steps to protect anyone at risk.

 1. All organisations are required by UK law to have access to competent health and safety advice.

Every worker is entitled to work in an environment where risks to their health and safety are properly controlled. Employers are responsible for keeping the workplace safe. Under the Health & Safety At Work Act, employers must inform employees of safety standards, provide training, eliminate or reduce hazards, and supply protective equipment.


2. Identifying areas for improvement and potential weaknesses within the organisation.

As part of managing the health and safety at your business you must control the potential risks in your workplace. To do this, you must think about anything that may cause harm. Then decide whether to take the appropriate actions to prevent it. This is  a risk assessment. A Risk Assessment will ensure that the systems you have in place work efficiently and are fit for purpose.


 3.The costs of failure

In 2017/18 over 144 people were killed in accidents at work and over 680,000 were injured.  Preventing accidents and ill health at work has to be a key priority for all employers. If your business doesn’t have many accidents; it is not just the big accidents that will cost you money. Less serious accidents have costs too – often more than immediate costs.


 4.The benefits of well-managed health and safety

There is substantial evidence that a good health & safety management system can reduce accident rates and sickness absence. It can also maintain a stable and productive workforce, reduce litigation costs associated with accidents at work and reduce insurance premiums.


5.Reduce employee sickness and injury

Many hazards are present in today’s work environments, and it’s the employer’s job to keep their employees safe from these hazards. Accident rates in small businesses can be higher than in large operations. For instance the fatality rate in SME manufacturers is twice that of large ones. Despite precautions in the UK, there was still nearly 680,000 workplace injuries in 2017/18.


How NDM Health and Safety can help you:

NDM H&S can assist with all your health and safety requirements, offering a tailored service designed to meet your individual needs. This can range from one-off ‘health check’ audits and ad-hoc requirements to provision of all health and safety documentation and on-going support contracts. This flexible approach provides smaller organisations with a cost-effective way to meet their legal requirements.

We fully understand the pressures faced by small companies to identify and comply with their legal obligations while trying to operate a profitable business. NDM H&S always take a sensible and pragmatic approach to ensuring that your requirements are met, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best – running your business. And because we pride ourselves building and maintaining long-term customer relationships, we get to know your business and anticipate your needs.

For more information give us a call on 01952 287346 or email us at: info@ndmhealthandsafety.co.uk

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